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Book Review: Trailer Park Trickster By David R. Slayton

Reviewed by David T. Valentin

Trailer Park Trickster

By David R. Slayton

Narrated by Michael David Axtell

Urban Fantasy


Trailer Park Trickster picks up right on the heels of White Trash Warlock. After Adam Binder learns of the death of his closest relative, Aunt Sue, he rushes back home to Oklahoma to find his cousin and her daughter, Sue’s daughter and granddaughter, have immediately rushed over to take Sue’s trailer. Immediately after, the Warlock Druid who released the spirit for the previous book arrives and blows up the trailer. Now, Adam must delve deep into his family’s history as he suspects this Warlock Druid might just be his dead, abusive father. Meanwhile, Vic, Adam’s boyfriend turned Reaper for Death herself, finds himself thrust into Immortal Politics between two elven courts, while wrestling with the secrets Adam has been hiding from him.

Trailer Park Trickster really opens the world of magic in the Adam Binder series—demonstrating first hand not only the amazing and strange magic of the series, but how dark that magic can be. As Adam unravels the mystery of the Warlock Druid and who he is to Adam, while Vic delves into the intricacies of Immortal politics and what it means to be a Reaper for Death, the world becomes less abstract and much more tangible to readers. The characters, regardless of their race, become a lot more relatable, understandable and empathetic – showing readers that the only true difference between Immortals, humans and even Death, is their different life spans.


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