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Book Review: We Could Be So Good by Cat Sebastian

Reviewed by David T. Valentin

By Cat Sebastian

Narrated by Joel Leslie

LGBTQ+ Romance


We Could be So Good is marketed as Casey McQuiston meets The Seven of Elevlyn Hugo but I think a better comparison would be if the Odd Couple, Oscar and Felix, worked in the same newsroom and ended up falling madly in love with each other, then meets The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.


Nick Russo is a go-getter. A no nonsense rugged type who keeps to himself, follows the best stories for one of New York’s biggest Newspapers and... ends up falling madly in-love with his publisher’s clutsy, sunshine of a son, Andy Flemmings. Andy Flemmings has everything. Money, a beautiful fiancé and his father’s newspaper once he steps down within the next few years. The two become inseperable as Nick looks out for Andy, and Andy simply thinks Nick is his bestfriend. When Andy’s engagement breaks apart and he finds himself rooming with Nick, the close proximity to his grumpy bestfriend forces him to reckon with some feelings he never thought he would have to deal with.


From the beginning to the end, We Could Be So Good entertains and keeps readers engaged. The characters are immediately sympathetic, loveable and complicated. Their stories are one of finding purpose and a spark that will ignite their passion to be themselves. Pair that with a healthy dose of grumpy-sunshine shenanigans and the pacing between comedy, steamy sex scenes, and romance makes for an easy all-nighter read that’ll have you laughing and crying within the same breath.


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