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Book Review: Jay's Gay Agenda

Jay’s Gay Agenda

By Jason June

Narrated by Mark Sanderlin



Jay’s Gay Agenda follows along a high school student Jay Collier on his move from being the only gay person and student living in a small country town, to being thrusted into the diverse city of Seattle after his family moves. Although Jay is excited for the move, he wants desperately to finally fulfill his Jay’s Gay Agenda—a list of things like: have his first kiss, find a gay family, and lose his virginity. As Jay navigates his exciting new life, he loses track of himself as he grapples who he wants to be while realizing he can’t be and do everything.

Jay’s Gay Agenda is the poster child for LGBTQ+ YA including: a cute potential romance, a loveable quirky gay best friend, the quirky childhood best friend, the asshole hookup, and a strange, but easy-to-fall-in-love-with cast of side characters who, even in their briefest appearances in the novel. And while it has a formulaic YA movie format, Jason June—as he always does—injects spontaneity, comedy, and a little bit of his magic to the point where I found myself dropping my jaw, cackling, and even tearing up.


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