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Book Review: His Holiday Crush by Cari Z

His Holiday Crush by Cari Z

Reviewed by Laura Fliegel

Historical romance 


His Holiday Crush is a really sweet, low angst holiday romance. Max is on a fast track to making partner at the law firm he works at in New York but for Christmas he promises to return to his hometown to spend the holiday with his best friend, Hal, and his two daughters. They’ve been having some difficulty adjusting after Hal’s wife left them, with no word, and they are Max’s family so he wants to be there for them, especially Marnie and Steph. On his way into town, he almost hits a deer and ends up in a snow bank where he is rescued by Hal’s younger brother, Dominic “Nicky.” Max doesn’t immediately recognize Dominic, but there is definitely chemistry and a light flirtation. Over the course of the week while Max waits for his car to be repaired, he and Dominic grow closer.

I really enjoyed how there really wasn’t much angst or drama going on. There was some angst with Hal’s family situation and Max dealing with coming back to Edgewood after his father had a drunk driving incident when he was a teenager, but none of that was the focus of the story or the central conflict. Overall this was a light, quick read with characters who felt real as they coped with their individual internal stuff while also having each other as family to rely on.

If you’re looking for a light holiday story, His Holiday Crush may just be what you need in 2020. Low conflict and angst, while full of emotion and heart!

Published by Entangled Brazen, December 14, 2020


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