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Book Review: Deadbeat Druid By David R. Slayton

Reviewed by David T. Valentin

Trailer Park Trickster

By David R. Slayton

Narrated by Michael David Axtell

Urban Fantasy


Just like the last book in the Adam Binder trilogy, DeadBeat Druid picks up right after the events of Trailer Park Trickster. With Vic, Jodie, and the warlock John gone, Adam must travel within death herself to find his lost boyfriend and to retrieve a loved one from death - Mel. As Vic, Jodie and Mel make their way through the layers of the underworld trying not to die, Adam and Bobby blaze their way through the underworld in hopes to find their friends and family before the warlock can get to them. While the first two books in the Adam Binder series were action-packed, fairly quick paced, Deadbeat Druid takes its time to slow down to give a proper send off to the main characters of the series. That’s not to say Deadbeat Druid doesn’t have its fair share of action. As always, readers are promised a deeper glimpse into this mysterious world and the magic it contains. In the best ways, Deadbeat Druid feels more abstract, metaphorical; an exploration by the author to thematically journey into what it means to truly be alive and live to the fullest. Above all other themes, Deadbeat Druid shows us what it really means to not only heal from the past, but how to forge a path forward. As a reader, I’d say Deadbeat Druid was my favorite in the trilogy, mainly because it took the more mysterious elements of the Adam Binder series and placed them against the backdrop of our favorite characters just trying to find their to path towards healing and a way forward. And while at times it felt a bit confusing, and strange, I think it still succeeded in its more thematic, abstract telling of a story.


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