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Beating the Winter Blues:10 tips and goals

By Bella Cannizzo

By the end of the semester, most college students want their classes to just be over with!  They are tired and stressed with finals.  I was more worried about finishing all my papers.  Just as this is happening, the weather gets dark, gray, and cold.  Nightime comes a little bit before you are ready for it.  Hence, the winter blues crept up on me. 


I went home for the holidays looking for a little change and restart, yet the feeling lingered.  I felt alone in the big city, and I feel alone at home.  Wherever you are, seasonal depression is a real thing.  Random waves of sadness and lack of energy along with oversleeping seem to be my symptoms. 


Hopefully, I can use January 1st as a restart so that the year 2024 can be everything I want it to be.


I am looking forward to returning to the Bronx and college to resume my usual activities.  I get a new class schedule, have new plans, and have some daily goals to help me get my year off to a good start.  

Here are 10 tips and goals I am sticking to in order to beat the winter blues.  

  1. Exercise daily

  2. Even though it is cold out, getting a short run or walk in can change your day for the better.  Bundle up and get fresh air! Or, get that gym membership you have been thinking about.  

  1. Eat right and clean

Focus on eating fruits, vegetables, and whole foods that give you energy and make you feel good.


  1. Drink lots of water

I forget to drink water more in the winter than the summer.  I have been starting my mornings with a glass of water to get the day started off right.  Add lemon juice, it helps. 


  1. Pick up a new hobby

Some of my new year hobbies include reading, taking more film pictures, and potentially, though I have not gotten to it yet, knitting.  

  1. Take vitamin-D 

Without much sunlight, making sure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals are important.  Along with vitamin-C, vitamin-D can aid in calcium absorption along with serving as a great antioxidant.  

  1. Practice mediation

Take 5-10 minutes in the morning to ground yourself.  Remind yourself to be present and calm.  Remind yourself of what is important to you.  

  1. Set daily goals for yourself

Make post-it notes your friends, and stick them all over your planner and desk, reminding you to drink more water, be a better friend, or get that assignment done.  

  1. Journal and start a gratitude journal

Journaling is a good resource for mental health.  I just got a new journal for Christmas, I love it.  


  1. Listen to more music

Below I will link a positive, upbeat winter spotify mix to help beat those blues.

  1. Spend less time on your phone

For me, my biggest resolution for 2024 would have to be a decrease in screen time.  I want to get off my phone and not scroll through social media.  I deleted some apps for a little while, like instagram, to give myself a break.  

I hope these 10 tips help you as much as they help me.  Here is a link to the spotify:


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