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Alice Oseman Reveals Heartstopper Volume 5’s Cover and It’s Everything

By David T. Valentin

Yesterday, Alice Oseman revealed Heartstopper’s Vol. 5 cover to fans, and it’s everything that we adorably wanted.

In the cover, Charlie cradles his head into Nick’s neck, in a gesture that’s both reassuring to each other and also hinting at the stakes involved in this upcoming volume.

Those who read Heartstopper as a Webcomic know what’s in store for our favorite adorable British couple, but fans just reading the physical copies are in for a surprise!

As the school year begins to come to an end, with Nick going away to university, Charlie remains unsettled with how their relationship is going to change, for better or for worse. As the two come to terms with how their lives are going to change, the rest of their friend squad is wrestling with the same worries.

Fans can pick up their copy of Vol. 5 of Heartstopper on December 12th of this year. And even better, preorders for Vol. 5 are up for those who need their copy ASAP.


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