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After Valentine’s Day is My Fav Holiday

By Lori Perkins

Look, I love getting flowers, candy and jewelry from my beloved, but truth be told, over the years some of my various partners’ taste has left a little to be desired. I mean, who really wants a Whitman’s sampler in a heart shaped box?

I also LOVE a deal, so as soon as the stores in my neighborhood open, you can find me (often with my own bouquet of coupons) sorting through the 50% off section (sometimes even 75% off). Nothing says I love myself like heart-shaped Reece’s for $1.49!

After Valentine’s Day sales also give me the opportunity to try some of the more outrageous flavor concoctions that the candy companies have come up with that I would never pay full price for, but find I like. I might go back the next day to bulk up on the outrageous flavors.

I also buy a ton of beauty and spa products adorned with hearts and flowers and use them all year. I now have facemasks and bubble bath through the summer.

I’ve bought day-old red velvet cupcakes for $1 and chocolate-covered strawberries at half price. Yum!

Last year I bought myself Martha Stewart’s CBD gummies in a lovely heart-shaped box at 30% off.

Honestly, for me, the day after Valentine’s Day is better than Christmas in July!


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