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A Live-Action Zatanna Zatara Solo Movie Might Be Coming Our Way

By David T. Valentin

Marvel isn’t the only company looking to cash in on comic book fan’s love of powerful magical women. According to Variety, the famous DC superhero magician, Zatana Zatara will be making her first ever cinematic live appearance in her own movie, which will reportedly be released in theatres.

According to the same source, screenwriter Emerald Fennell, the Oscar-nominated filmmaker, will be writing the script for the fan-favorite DC magician. Fennell is well known for her work on the BBC America thriller series Killing Eve (2019), for which she earned two Primetime Emmy Award nominations, but also for her more recent involvement in her roles in Call the Midwife and The Crown.

For those of you who don’t know, Zatanna Zatarra is both a stage magician and an actual magician. Through reciting her incantations backwards, there’s nothing that Zatanna can’t do, making her a notable powerful magic user in the DC universe. She is well known as a member of the Justice League and being a love interest to a few of DC’s biggest names like Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson and John Constantine. Despite her involvement in the superhero team and her entanglements with superhero men, the magician is more than capable of handling her own fights.

Some fans have taken the announcement one step further. After the new wave of Scarlet Witch fans emerged after the roaring success of WandaVision, comic book readers have been quick to pair the two up against one another in a fight, debating which one would come out on top (as is always the case with some comic book fans).

But why do we have to argue about which one is better than the other? With characters like Wanda, Zatanna, and even Raven from the live-action Titans (2018) coming into pop culture once again, I’d rather just bask in the awesomeness of seeing many of my favorite magic-using superheroes come to the big screen. Afterall, everyone needs a little bit of magic in their life.


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