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New Halloween Candies for 2020

If there’s any year for Halloween to be completely guilt free of the massive amounts of candy we consume, it’s this year, 2020. Afterall, we’ve been cooped up in our houses for about half a year with not much to do. We deserve it, don’t we? Whether you’ve been snacking on all quarantine or you see Halloween as a cheat day, we have some new delicious goodies to add to your collection of spooky Halloween candy.

This year, Hershey has unveiled a selection of new treats that are equal parts spooky and delicious. Hershey has adapted their cookies’n’crème flavored candy bar into small, one bar “cookies’n’crème FANGS. Adored on each one is a vampire’s fangs. Luckily for us they’re filed down and rounded out.

Of course, Halloween wouldn’t be complete without Hershey’s favorite bite size candies, Hershey’s Kisses. To pair with the theme of vampires, Hershey released Hershey’s Kisses: Vampire edition, a bite sized chocolate kiss with a gooey strawberry flavored crème on the inside. Sounds like that’s going to be a new favorite for me.

And what Halloween bucket would be complete without my two favorites, Kit Kats and Reese’s? Adorably, Kit Kat has released a Witch’s Brew, a bite sized, green tea variation of their famous snack size.

The party doesn’t stop there, not without Frankenstein’s monster! Introducing Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups: the franken-cup. Milk chocolate on the top, green crème on the bottom, and wedged perfectly in the middle a healthy scoop of peanut butter.

For the gummy crowd you’ll be happy to know Trolli has introduced the Sour Brite Crawlers minis. They’re essentially gummy worms, but packed inside a spooky Halloween bag. Then from Brach’s we have a Caramel Apple flavored gummy. Not sure how that’s going to taste in gummy form but I’m sure there’s a fan out there.

Then finally, in my search for new Halloween goodies this year, I discovered possibly one of my new favorite goodies: Stuffed Puffs. They’re little marshmallows stuffed with chocolate. But that’s not the exciting thing. I’m trying to think ahead and I see S’mores being made easier. Just think, instead of having to roast the marshmallow, put the chocolate on, and then sticking it between two graham crackers, you just roast the marshmallow and stick it on the graham cracker!

Many of these delicious holiday goodies can be purchased through Amazon, Target, or whatever local grocery store is near you. If you’re looking for even more chocolates, I’d recommend checking out the Candy Warehouse online shop. They have a wicked assortment of all sorts of Halloween goodies, perfect for having the most delicious candies to give away on the block. Or maybe to keep those delicious candies to yourself. Whatever you choose, we don’t shame. It’s Halloween.

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