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New York Comic Con 2020 Goes Virtual, and Most of It’s Free!

If this year has proven anything it’s that we’re some versatile and resilient people, finding a way to adapt and overcome almost anything. From global Pride, nonprofit organizations, and even conventions making the move the move online. As they say in theatre, the show must go on! That means that events as large as New York Comic Con, which was cancelled earlier this year, will be moving online.

For the first time, much of comic con will be free and accessible directly through New York Comic Con’s official YouTube channel. As usual, the virtual convention will host a slew of impressive panelists, including the standard of creators, writers, and actors from TV, movies and video games.

For those looking for more of an interactive experience there will be digital meet-and-greets with celebrities. Even better, you can pay for any attending celebrity to record a personalized video just for you.

You can find the full schedule here.

The original article appeared here.

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