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Niecy Nash Comes Out With a Whole Wedding

Image taken from Niecy Nash's wedding

Actress and comedian Niecy Nash comes out in a series of Instagram photos to the world, introducing her new wife for the very first time with the heart-warming caption “Mrs. Carol Denise Betts.”

The comedy queen, most famously known for her roles in shows like Reno 911!, Claws, and Scream Queens, divorced her ex-husband, Jay Walker, back in 2019. And while she had not come out then, according to BillBoard the actress stated in a speech accepting the Vanguard Award at the 2020 Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards Luncheon, “Trust that it is so much easier to walk in your truth than it is to run towards a lie. Make Decision about what you now know. You gotta own the part you play, that’s important. You gotta forgive yourself and others.”

Indeed, the actress has turned over a new leaf, showing her wife, musician Jessica Betts, to the world. But we can’t help but speculate, when did the couple meet? Well, it may have been a long time coming.

Back in 2018, Betts shared an Instagram video of the two hanging out on set for an episode of Claws. The musician appeared as the character Nadege.

Outside the show, Betts has made a name for herself in the music industry. Back in 2005 at just the age of 23, the young musician won Missy Elliot’s Road to Stardom. In 2013, according to, she opened the Mid-Atlantic ‘Rebellious Soul’ tour and in February she closed the BET Honors pre-show.

And now the two of them join hands in marriage, walking together in their truths.

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