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Couple Creates Pop-up Dinners to Recreate Romantic Experience

images taken from Buzzfeed

While the coronavirus pandemic has put a dry spell on the love life’s of many individuals around the country and the world, not everyone has let their romance fizzle by these unknown times. One couple in NYC has discovered a new way to rekindle romance.

Jasmin and Dean Gaskin, like most people, had been cooped up in their homes for the past few months, and have had the constant urge to escape their home with two kids.

When it came to their fifth wedding anniversary, they knew they needed a change in their daily routine, and that’s when they came up with the idea of the pop-up dinner. In an interview with CNN, Dean told them “We were supposed to be in Mexico, but we decided we still wanted dinner on a beach, so we went to Coney Island and set up a little private table with candles and flowers and we caught the sunset.”

According to CNN, the couple throughout their relationship has always found a love for the spontaneous and creative within their dating life. In terms of comfort, they felt safer to create a pop-up dinner than go to outdoor dining. While the date does require a little more effort than going out to eat, that is all a part of the fun. The supplies are simple: cheap chair and table from Home Depot, a five dollar table cover from Party City, electric candles, and a table set from Dollar General.

On Tuesday, August 11th, the couple took their pop-up dinner to the Brooklyn Bridge, where they were able to watch the sunset… and where others could easily watch them on their date. With takeout tacos and sangria in their hand, they looked over the Manhattan skyline in this peaceful, romantic environment. While most people responded to their dates with excitement, there were others who gave the side eye to them.

Since their Brooklyn Bridge Dinner has gone viral, Dean has decided to share more of their photos from their dates.

And this could be seen as inspiration for others to spontaneously go out and date, without letting the pandemic take over their lives completely. Personally, this is an activity that I want to impart in my dating life. I have been finding it hard to decide different and new exciting dates, and we can only make dinner at home so often before it gets boring.

In many cases, we should look to the Gaskin’s as a new light into this new realm of dating. We should be spontaneous and creative, while staying safe.

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