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The Gay Man Happily Married to a Woman

Image taken from Skyler's twitter

According to PinkNews, a Mormon man states he’s “proudly and happily” married to a straight woman. Yes, you read that correctly, and believe me, I had to read the article a few times to understand it. And I still don’t understand.

The couple calls their marriage a “mixed-orientation marriage,” though the specifics are still fuzzy to me. Skyler Sorensen, an openly gay Mormon man, states that he still believes that marriage is between a man and a woman, despite him completely identifying as a gay man. He defines his marriage, the marriage between a man and a woman, as a “celestial marriage” and is where he believes he could be happiest.

Skyler said in a tweet: “Being in a mixed-orientation marriage is like going to Disneyland and having some people tell you you’d be better off at Six Flags. Six Flags may have more rollercoasters, but it’ll never beat the happiest place on earth.”

The couple had attended sessions with counsellors who specialize in “mixed-orientation relationships.” According to the New York Post, Dr. Ty Mansfield who specializes in “mixed-orientation relationships,” is an adjunct professor at Brigham Young University, which PinkNews notes is “the anti-LGBT+ Mormon-owned university where Skyler is currently a student” has noted that these “arrangements” are not uncommon.

The conclusion they come through when they find people dealing with what exactly Skyler is dealing with? “either a lifetime of celibacy or a ‘mixed-orientation marriage.’”

So not repressing your homosexuality and embracing who you are is… not the better option?

“Do I wish that Skyler wasn’t gay? Yeah, sometimes. But I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else other than him,” Skyler’s wife, Amanda tells PinkNews.

I guess whatever floats your boat?

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