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Famous TV and Film Posters reimagined

If you thought the COVID song parodies were hysterical (you can find that article here), artists have started to reimagine a slew of your favorite, bingeable TV series in the time during the pandemic while also retitling the names of said TV series. The reimagining includes The Office as The Home Office, The Simpsons as The Symptoms, Breaking Bad as Baking Bread, and a bunch more.

The graphic designer, Jure Tovrljan told Bored Panda, “[Quarantine] is rewarding in a way that the creatives might have some more time to think about projects like this and show something positive to the world.

I came up with the idea when I was binge-watching Friends for probably the 20th time. So I was thinking about how it would look like if they were shooting the show today. And I put them on a Skype meeting. That’s how the series started to develop.”

But Tovrljan isn’t the only graphic designer to flex his creative mind to create a few laughs and positivity with his works. The graphic designers of Cooper Carry, a U.S. based design firm providing architecture, planning, landscape, architecture, interior design and environmental graphic design, have also been busy except with iconic movie posters.

Cooper Carry has stated on their website: “To keep our creativity flowing, we took a quick break from naming mixed-use projects and designing logos for renovated shopping centers and took a stab at redesigning iconic movie posters to reflect everyone’s common experience during social distancing and these very surreal times.”

Cooper Carry has creatively reimagined E.T, The Silence of the Lambs, Star Wars, in their own hilarious way.

The posters are clever, funny, and positive, bringing a quick laugh to everyone during these stressful times. More importantly, it also demonstrates the importance of creatives during grim times. It acts as a sort of escapism, even for the briefest of moments.

Now I’d love to see photoshopped famous artworks from around the world.

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