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Disney Releases Another Olaf Short “Adventure”

Your favorite curious little Frozen snowman, Olaf, is at it again with another equally adorable short, although this one is a little curiouser. Disney released the short film just yesterday, once again animated and created at home by Hyrum Osmond and voiced from home by Josh Gad. And, once again, Disney has opted for the hashtag #athomewitholaf.

This one, titled “Adventure” opens up with only Olaf’s body traveling through the woods in search of… something. And after going through several scene changes—a green grove, a red autumn forest, a dandelion meadow—the voice of Olaf grows closer, rambling on. As Olaf’s body gets closer to Olaf’s voice, the camera shifts to Olaf’s head, lying on the ground with the fire salamander from Frozen 2 who he is lecturing on something about vitamin D. He says to the salamander plainly, “not one of my better ideas.”

Cut to two weeks earlier in the short and we watch Olaf attempt to launch himself from a makeshift slingshot. Of course, Olaf fails hilariously and ends up launching just his head, which explains how we found him in this “Adventure.”

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