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The Quarantine First Date That Captured Social Media’s Heart

With the coronavirus confining everyone to their homes, people have gotten creative when it comes to respecting social distancing guidelines. From crafting some elaborate homemade PPE equipment to birthday parades there’s some hope for creating a new normal when it comes to ways of socializing.

One TikToker, Jeremy, decided to get a little inventive when it comes to the dating game.

One normal day in quarantine, as normal as a day in quarantine could get, Jeremy spotted Tori dancing to the choreography of We’re All in This Together from the Disney Film Highschool Musical. And as one does in the age of social media, Jeremy recorded her and the video instantly went viral.

Shortly after Jeremy sent over a drone to Tori with his number on it. A few days later he had his first date in quarantine, a quarantine and chill, if you will.

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