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Generational View on Mrs. America

Mrs. America launched on FX and Hulu this week, focusing on the real life events surrounding the effort to rafity the ERA amendment in the 1970s. We at Romance Daily News thought it would be interesting to compare how two generations of feminists experienced the first three episodes of the series, which are currently available for viewing.

Lori Perkins, the Publsiher of RomanceDailyNews and a 4th gen feminst, was a young girl during the events that took place in the series. She was lucky enough to have met Bella Abzug, who was her Congressperson in the 70s, and can attest to the political tornado that this woman was. Although she was too young to join the National Orgainization of Women (NOW) in the 70s, she still has her ERANOW button.

Olivia Haveron is a graduating college senior. As a young woman in her early 20s, she explained that her knowledge on this part of the women’s movement was very limited. “While I have always known of its existence, the intricate details of the ERA ratification were way beyond the scope of my education. Watching Mrs. America gave me an interesting insight into the direct opposition as