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Epcot’s Space-Themed Restaurant Opening Soon

If the new space exhibit at the Hayden Planetarium excited you, you’ll be happy to discover that Disney will be giving you the opportunity of a life time to dine in space! Okay, not real space, but with Disney it might as well be.

During Disney’s D23 expo this August, they announced a brand new space-themed restaurant coming to Epcot in Walt Disney World. The restaurant, named Space 220, will “launch” guests 220 miles directly above Earth to dock at the Centauri Space Station. But to get there, you’re going to have to be brave. Guest will board a circular elevator with a view of the Earth from the underside of the elevator. Once aboard and ready, guests will shoot into space, seeing all of Earth as they rise above the clouds and enter the space station. There, you will eat your meal within the space station with immersive, panoramic views of the stars, passing satellites, and floating astronauts.

Although the menu has not yet been revealed to the public, the restaurant is operated under the Patina Restaurant Group, the same management in charge of popular, Italian-inspired Disney restaurants like Via Napoli Pizzeria, Tutto Italia Ristorante, Maria & Enzo’s, pizza Ponte, along with Morimoto Asia and The Edison. So at least we know we’re in good hands.

You can also bet that guests will be served by an amazing cast that will never break the illusion, as Disney employees are trained to be in character, thus creating an immersive experience that’s fun and exciting for family and friends.

An exact opening date has not yet been released, though there have been talks the restaurant will open very soon, possibly as early as February 2020.

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