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Cory Booker Drops Out of Dem Presidential Race But that’s OK Because He’s in Love

I live in New York, so I feel like I know Cory Booker. I’ve watched Booker for a long time, first as the mayor of Newark, NJ, where he did a lot to improve the city and was on the air and in the papers even more. Then as a Senator, and now as a Democratic presidential candidate. And I genuinely like him.

But I also like following his love life. I was a little disappointed when his relationship with Mindy Kaling didn’t go anywhere, and I was really excited when he started dating actress Rosario Dawson. I’ve never liked him as much as I do now as Rosario Dawson’s boyfriend.

In a recent interview in Cosmopolitan, Booker said of his relationship with Dawson, “I have an incredible relationship right now, and I’m excited that we’re building toward something. I don’t know what it’s going to be…the great thing about these last months of my life is I’ve never been this kind of excited about my personal life.”

When the couple were profiled in The New York Times, Dawson said that during the campaign they talked every day and they read to each other over the phone and sometimes Booker left the day’s passage on voicemail. They worked their way through Welcome to the Monkey House, a Kurt Vonnegut short story collection. 'The first story we read, it’s a romance story about a bumbling guy reaching for a woman well out of his league,' Mr. Booker said of the short story 'EPICAC.' Dawson explained, “That was his choice. He was like, I know the first one to start with.”

They have been dating since November 2018, and Dawson recently told InStyle, "In the midst of it all, he is my boyfriend, someone who I love very much. He is traveling all over the place. I’m thinking, ‘Is he eating right? Is he sleeping right? Is he taking care of himself or is he just on all the time?’ There are so many things. I don’t know where this journey will take us but we are putting in the time and effort for our journey separate from that. It’s just beautiful to be with each other."

It was delightful to see him fall in love in public (something we rarely get to do if it’s not someone we know as a friend or family member). While I did like the idea of Dawson as FLOTUS (but, hey, she can still play the part in any number of TV shows and movies), I am sure the two of them will be just fine.

And now they’ll have the time to be together. And maybe we’ll get a June wedding?

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