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Recent Discovery Seems to Prove Amazons were Real

Three generations of warrior women were found buried totter in a tomb from the Iron Age (about 2,250 years ago) in Russia late last year. The bodies were those of an early teen, a woman in her mid 20’s, a woman in her 30’s and a woman between 45 and 55 who were all surrounded by weapons. The matriarch of the group was buried with an elaborate golden headdress, which was still on the skull.

While stories of Amazon warrior women were told from ancient Greece and passed through generational tales of the western world, most historians, who were men, never really believed they ever existed.

The women were buried with jewelry and pottery and were originally thought to simply be women of high status, but when their skeletal musculature was examined it became clear that they were warrior women from the injuries sustained on their remains.

One of the archeologists working on the dig commented that the way the four women were buried was similar to the graves of warrior men.

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