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Schitt’s Creek Star Dan Levy Cried at a Queer Fan’s Emotional Coming Out Video

The Rose Family

To those unfamiliar with Schitt’s Creek, the TV show follows a rich, privileged family of four who are displaced from the bustling New York City to the quiet shitty town of Schitt’s Creek after their business manager is caught conducting faulty business practices.

At first, the show appears simply to be an over exaggeration of caricatures including the distant business father, an emotionally unresponsive mother with ridiculous wigs, a ditzy socialite sister who spends most of her time chasing boys, and an overdramatic younger brother.

But as the show evolves, it quickly becomes a lesson in humility as the Rose family is forced to stick together to pull themselves back up on their feet. As they navigate their way to the backwater town of Schitt’s Creek, they come to realize they might have been ignoring the smaller things in life that makes life really glitter.

The show has garnered much attention from LGBTQ+ fans as it explores David Rose’s pansexuality and takes us on a whirlwind of emotions when he meets his boyfriend Patrick. In the episode “Meet the Parents,” we see Patrick come out to his parents, who respond with nothing but love and acceptance. And, as I literally bing-watched half of Season 4 New Year’s Day 2020, I find myself in awe of the show and its positive representation of LGBTQ+ people.

One fan of Schitt’s Creek took to twitter to tell the world how the show had inspired her to come out. A fan from Scotland posted a video, explaining how she was inspired by Patrick’s coming out story to come out to her own mother.

“I was watching it and Patrick has just come out, and I was like wow, I should do that.” Said Ellie. “So I rewinded it and I watched him come out again, then I rewinded it again and cried a little bit. But then I was like, I’m gonna do this. I was pushing myself a bit. But I did it, I went downstairs and I did it, I just told my mum that I’m gay.”

And, just like Schitt’s Creek’s Patrick, Ellie’s mother responded with nothing but love and joy for her daughter.

Her video caught the attention of show creator Dan Levy, who plays David Rose, to which he responded with a retweet saying: “And so I cried. Sending you so. Much. Love.”

Fans of the show will be happy to hear, with a tinge of sadness, that the show is coming out with its sixth and final season with its release on January 7th in both Canada and the US.

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