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Gay Couple Propose to Each Other At the Exact Same Time

Everyone loves a casual scroll through…somewhere, and then seeing a marriage proposal. The high-pitched squeals, the tears, beautiful after kisses and the hugs that last minutes. But what do people love more than proposals? Well, that’s easy. People love two proposals and at the same time.

The now viral video of the gay couple features 45 seconds of pure, loving, ironic bliss. The two of them standing kissing on the steps of what appears to be an amusement park, with a Ferris wheel towering behind them as a backdrop to the video.

After a passionate, long kiss, skillfully planned to give the patterned man enough time to draw the boxed ring from his pocket, he drops down on one knee and proposes to his orange short wearing boyfriend.

Obviously surprised, the orange short boyfriend clasps his hand to his mouth. But after a few seconds, he moves his hand away to reveal a playful smirk, hinting him knowing something more. Did he get a tip about the proposal? Is he going to say no?

No. He walks away to his backpack without saying a word, and unzips his bag to reveal a white jewelry box containing its own ring. The two of them share a few giggles, two big smiles, and a great big, hug, and kiss.

You might be thinking, what are the chances? But the same exact thing happened when a same-sex lesbian couple, Gillaspie and McCabe both proposed to each other while at the zoo where their first date took place.

Honestly, even if this happened 50 times a month, I’d still gush and squeal watching these kinds of cute proposal videos. Now, question to all queer readers: do you know who’s going to propose first?

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