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Love in the Apocalypse: Queen Carol and King Ezekiel?


I don’t think anyone who watches The Waking Dead saw the romance between Carol and King Ezekiel coming because, like TWD super fan Yvette Nicole Brown, we were all rooting for Carol and Daryl (that ship has such a nice rhyme to it).

But there it was!

A long kiss (too long according to Norman Reedus, the actor who plays Daryl, as he discussed the scene on an episode of Talking Dead) after a near-death experience clued us in to the possibility of this relationship’s existence. And a few minutes later, we witnessed a proposal from King Ezekiel complete with an engagement ring. Of course, Carol kind of turned him down with a “not yet,” leaving plenty of room for Queen Carol and King Ezekiel to become the power couple of season 10, when we know Rick Grimes is going to be leaving us, and Michonne.

Actor Melissa McBride gave an interesting perspective to Carol’s reasoning for the pause about accepting the proposal. She supposed that Carol was just not ready to open herself up to romance after all the loss she had experienced.

I’m eager to see where this plot thread goes, as I’m a sucker for zombie romance, but right now I’m looking forward to the voyage of the good ship EzeCarol or Carekiel?

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