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Did You Watch the New Vampire Family Drama, The Passage?

You might have missed this. I don’t blame you. I think that the marketing for this new kick-ass vampire series sucks, and not in a sexy blood-sucker way.

But you’re also in luck, because the pilot is showing again on the 19th on most Fox stations. Tape it if you can!


The basic set up is that there’s a new virus that turns scientists, and then condemned criminals they are using for experiments, into powerful, resilient blood drinkers who turn into decomposed old flesh, except for the younger ones. The youngest condemned prisoner they have tried this on is in her 20’s and she looks great – she just drinks a bucketful of blood every day.

Of course, all this scientific experiments is being carried out by the government, which means science without morals, so it should be no surprise when an agent with a broken marriage and a dead daughter is assigned to kidnap a child “who no one will miss,” for future experiments.

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