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How to Marry a Duke by Felicia Kingsley


Diving into these pages brought me back to books such as Ella Enchanted, which captured both something child-like while still being rooted in adulthood. If you’re looking to fall into a whirlwind fairytale romance and not look back, this is the book for you!

In alternating perspective chapters readers get to enter the mind of the snobby, yet suddenly broke, Duke Ashford, and eclectic, suddenly rich Jemma Pears. Their mutual lawyer discovers one of his richest clients is broke due to a now-deceased poor, paternal financial advisor, and that one of his poorest clients has inherited billions due to a dead grandmother.

The dead grandmother’s will requires a title for her granddaughter before she can collect, so the three concoct a match made in hell: so the Duke and the make-up artist tie the knot. After expecting to be able to keep things hush-hush and go back to their normal lives of theatre make-up and royalty, things run amuck when a clerk at the marriage office who can’t keep her mouth shut. When the whole thing becomes public, the pair have to put on a farce as newlyweds. But how long can the two play the part of the happily married couple before they drop the act and reveal their true feelings? With nothing but ample time on their hands, plus one very vocal live-in in-law, Jemma and Ashford have to confront the impending demise of their relationship and then get to their HEA.


Publisher: Aria

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