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Auschwitz Lullaby by Mario Escobar


Auschwitz Lullaby is an historical novel that contains glimmers of romance. While I was hoping that the romance would be played up a bit more, the book held my attention for its sense of wonder, rather than the romance.

This book features an idealistic marriage between an Aryan-German woman and a Gypsy man during the Holocaust. The woman chooses to sacrifice her easy life and asks to be taken with her husband and children to what turns out to be Auschwitz. In the camp she is separated from her husband and has to do all she can in order for her and her children to survive.

The book was able to eloquently capture the losses for all those who suffered in the camps while telling a Holocaust story from a different perspective. Escobar makes an awful event seem even more horrifying, but also tells this story of self-sacrifice as a symbol of love and demonstrates the extreme courage is needed in order to stand up against systematic racism and prejudice.

I gave this book a 4 on the 5-star system due to its historical accuracy and ability to tie real life events into a historical book. The book receives a mild on the hot scale as there was no sexual content and the few romantic moments are there to frame hope and a desire for a change.


Publisher: Thomas Nelson

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