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Ariel's Antics by Robyn Peterman


This book is number two in the Sea Shenanigans series, but reads well as a stand alone book. Ms. Pearielterman has once again written a laugh out loud book.

Ariel is a 200 year old mermaid, who is bored. She if being honest is jealous of her sister who has found true love. Ariel wants adventure, and love. The Krakens are going to attack their island for some unknown reason, so Ariel volunteers to locate a sea animal whisperer. The rest is history!

This is Ariel (no NOT that one, although she too is a mermaid) and Keith's story. Keith is a selkie, and sadly really stupid! Although he somehow grows on you, rather like mold! Mildly disconcerting!! If you enjoy mythical creatures like sea hags and Krakens then you will laugh your head off and truly enjoy this book. Of course, there is also romance,

adventure and a lobster who loves The Godfather! Don't miss this one, is it serious-NO. But well worth a read. To be honest you probably have to be in the right mood for this, as it may come across as very silly! This book has humor, surprises, and is just fun to read. I give this a 4.5.


Publisher: Robyn Peterman/Love Spells

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