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Watermarks Winter Wonderland Comes to East Riverside, New York City

By David T. Valentin

Here at RDN we’re always looking for romantic, light festivals for the holiday season here in New York City—a night of candlelight music on a rooftop balcony, an enchanting, virtual tour of an artist’s life work and now a lit up, private greenhouse date with the view of the East River.

An event by Watermark’s Winter Wonderland, you can schedule a night out with either your special someone, or a group of friends, to enjoy a waterfront view of the East river, with views of upcoming downtown Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Bridge.

No experience is complete without some belly warming drinks and snacks, of course. On the menu for this beautiful event is complete with a fully operational bar and a kitchen for some tasty snacks, including a S’mores kit, Boozy Hot chocolate, Hot cider, and so much more.

Guests can also select a few different packages, ranging from $50 to $300 all fit with their own unique and special experiences, including private greenhouses for two or an entire group, or a semi-private greenhouse event where you’ll be dinning with others of the same party size. The different packages, although offering different experiences, are good for those who can afford the tickets at different prices so that everyone can find something they enjoy.

You can check out the tickets and their packages here at Fever.


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