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Steve Kornacki: ‘Map Daddy’ of the 2020 Election

By Olivia Haveron

The 2020 Presidential election has been a wild ride from beginning to end, even though some claim that it’s not really over yet. Nothing is a surprise anymore with any events unfolding, from Trump claiming not only false accusations of fraud to Biden becoming President-Elect. It is only fitting that this year is the year of the ‘Map Daddy,’ better known as Steve Kornacki of MSNBC.

Kornacki is MSNBC's national political correspondent and the in-house election map expert. On air almost constantly since Tuesday night at the start of election coverage, he has stood in front of the touch screen electoral map, drawing numeral outcomes as each outcome came in.

Thursday night he decided it was best for him to finally return home for sleep, something he had nothing of since Tuesday night. But that visit home was short lived as he Tweeted at 11:48 P.M that he was heading back to the studio. Early-Friday morning, still in the studio, Kornacki was one of the first to announce that Biden had taken the lead in Pennsylvania “fueled by Diet Coke, his hair slightly mussed, still wearing those Gap khakis in palomino brown.”

As the country stands divided between Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden, Twitter has appeared united when it comes to its love for Kornacki’s math skills and impressive functioning for hours with zero sleep. Eventually this playfulness turned into something fascinating and intense as those on Twitter cruising on the 41-year-old went on to name him the “map daddy.” 

And people are taking their crush on Kornacki to the max. One Twitter User, television writer @BryanFuller tweeted out: “MY SEXUAL ORIENTATION IS KORNACKI WITH A CALCULATOR.” 

Claire Schwartz stated that Steve Kornacki had BCE or big calculator energy… “Like TI-84 big.”

According to Vanity Fair, his “pleasingly authoritative figure, with just enough zaniness and self-deprecating charm” makes his personality fun and entertaining to the eye. He brings a sort of calm presence to a year that has seen nothing but chaos and fear.\

Twitter wasn't the only place swooned for this #chartthrob, TikTok users also drew their hearts towards the legend himself, like a teenage girl fangirling over her favorite celebrity.

While Biden has officially become the President-Elect in this election, he is not the real winner here. The real winner seems to be Steve Kornacki, the map daddy himself. He has brought out laughs and smiles during an election that has been plagued by negativity and fears. Kornacki’s role as the “map daddy” brings about a certain type of hope and happiness for the world to come.


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