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Spring Fling?

By Bella Cannizzo

In a lot of ways, spring can be the best time to start a relationship.  You got through the holidays, seasonal depression, and cold weather.  Time for a new beginning that hopefully will last into summer.  

This is what I was thinking, and so I convinced myself to go on a couple of dates with a guy.  He brought me flowers on the first date right before we walked around Central Park.  It was nice and sweet.  I was trying to keep an open mind and go with the flow because I have not been on many dates.  Things continued, more city trips and coffees.  I began to let my guard down a bit.

We established the fact that we both were enjoying ourselves and wanted to see where things were going.  And guess what, now, it is already over.  A short month.  Ended in miscommunication and angst.  I guess I did not make it quite clear we were exclusive… bullshit.  

Anyways, I wanted to write this article, not to tell that stupid story, that was just the backstory.  But, to share a little advice.  The point is, after this all happened, I told my friends “I am done with men.”  It seems every time I open up to someone, I get hurt.  Turns out that is the same for everyone.  Everyone talks and dates so many people before they find someone who is worth sticking around.  

So, this article is a reminder to keep looking and putting yourself out there.  Every time dating someone does not work out, you learn from it.  A person can be an opportunity for growth.  At least that is how I am looking at it.  


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