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Romancing the Vote Fundraising Auction is Born!

By Lori Perkins

Last year, some of Romaneclandia’s biggest names came together to create a fundraiser to help Stacey Abrams (a romance writer herself) get the vote out for the Georgia run-off, raising $500,000 in Romancing the Run-off.

This was so successful, that this year they are launching Romancing the Vote 2022, an auction to raise money for Stacey Abrams' organization, Fair Fight, and “to support the right of every person for safe and easy access to fair voting.”

Romancing the Vote 2022 is organized by Alyssa Cole, Courtney Milan, Kit Rocha and Tessa Dare as well as an army of volunteers.

Right now the organization is collecting items (and flat out donations) which will include everything from signed copies of novels (Stacy Abrams offered a signed hardcover first edition of her first novel, The Rules of Engagement, which went for quite a nice sum) to editorial critiques to lunch with best selling authors.

The auctions goes live on Valentine’s Day and already includes a number of exciting offerings including a one-hour zoom with best-selling authors Beverly Jenkins or Suz Brockman, book jewelry, writing and editing consultations, and more as I type. It’s a great opportunity to show just how important and connected to real life the romance community is.

BTW, Romance Daily News will be donating services as well.

Go to for more information.


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