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Review: Chasing the Alpha's Son by Penny Jessup

Reviewed by David T. Valentin

Chasing the Alpha’s Son

By Penny Jessup

Narrated by Michael Mola



Chasing the Alpha’s Son takes place a few months after the events of The Alpha’s Son. Max has been rejected by his mate Jasper, who just so happens to be the alpha’s son. Jasper is intent on keeping Max at a distance, convinced he’s protecting them from those who are trying to usurp his father, Alpha Jericho. But Max has other plans. Max will have the alpha’s son as his mate, even it cost him his life more than several times throughout the book.


I was skeptical at first to read Penny Jessup’s sequel. The plot in The Alpha’s Son was choppy at first, doing its best when Jessup stuck to the more positive aspects of Max and Jasper’s relationship. But with Jasper pushing Max away in such an abusive way, it was really hard to actually root for them together.


But Jessup remedies that in showing us Jasper’s sweeter side and showing us what he’s thinking throughout the book as him and Max play the will-they won’t-they game. The first half of Chasing the Alpha’s Son stumbles over itself in its lack of worldbuilding in the first book in the series, but recovers quickly as it introduces new characters, new worldbuilding, and new revelations about the cast of characters.


You can tell the improvements made in Chasing the Alpha’s Son were carefully considered. The sequel brings out the best in Jessup’s writing—their intimate descriptions, the emotional and intimate moments between the characters, and the expanding lore.


Although I was skeptical going into Chasing the Alpha’s Son, I came out craving more. As Max and Jasper take their relationship to the next level, I hope this story expands more into a series than just a simple trilogy given how much Jessup can really explore not only between Max and Jasper, but the many other relatable and likeable characters as well.


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