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Not Your Mother’s Advent Calendars

By Lori Perkins

I used to love the cheesy advent calendars I got as a child, that just included a cute illustration under the day in December as I counted down.  Somewhere in my 20s, I started getting chocolate advent calendars and I thought they were the ultimate.

But advent calendars have morphed – you can get almost anything in a 25 to 12 days of Christmas package today.

In addition to kid-friendly offerings (Lego, Star Wars, Pokémon, Harry Potter, etc.), you can get both high-end and low-end advent calendars for your dogs and cats from to Aldi.

You can get make-up and nail polish and facial calendars, scented soaps and bath bombs.  Tea, coffee, macaroons and all sorts of cookies are also available, as well as a plethora of cheese and wine selections, also varying from low-end (Aldi) to high end.

There’s all sorts of quirky special gifts too such as the Andy Warhol puzzle 12-day advent calendar or even Christmas ornaments.

Not to be outdone with the  Christmas theme, this is the first year that I’ve seen Hanukah Advent calendars which offer eight days of gifts.

But the most outstanding, memorable advent calendar of this year, for me, is the male sex toy advent calendar from Tenga.  Beautifully and tastefully packaged, this is a thoughtful, or kinky, or even funny, gift that is bound to surprise a special someone. It runs $99, which I think is a steal for 25 sex toys and lotion!


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