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Mattel Offers Collectors “Weird Barbie”

By Lori Perkins

One of the breakout characters of Greta Gerwig’s blockbuster summer hit Barbie was “Weird Barbie” played by Kate McKinnon. She’s the Barbie “that was played with too hard” as evidenced by her magic marker marked up face and scissored blond hair. She is the Barbie that all the other Barbie’s in the movie go to for advice. She relaxes in wide-open splits up against a wall and looks a lot like what you might think Phyllis Diller would look like as a Barbie doll.

But she emerged as a beloved character once the film was released and Mattel has announced that they will be issuing a “made-to-order” version of her for $50. Pre-sale starts today.

Personally, I think I’ll just make my own “Weird Barbie” and have a “Weird Barbie” pageant.

A second surprise breakout character from the film was Allan, Ken’s one-of-a-kind best friend played by Michael Cera. Allan was a real male doll released in 1964, and I expect we’ll se a re-release of this doll next!


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