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Marvel Creates Real-life Infinity Gauntlet and It’s Expensive

By David T. Valentin

During San Diego Comic-Con 2022, Marvel unveiled a $25 million replica of the MCU Infinity Gauntlet complete with gemstones and all.

Collaborating with East Continental Gems, a company whose goal is to collect precious and rare gemstones, Marvel crafted the Infinity Stones after real-life gemstones. In total, the six stones come out to 150 carats.

In order: The time stone is Colombian Emerald; the space stone a sapphire; the reality stone a ruby; the power stone an amethyst; the soul stone a Spessarlite; and finally the mind stone as a yellow diamond.

You can find detailed stories for each of the gemstones on Nerdist.

So, all you comic book nerds better look out: some crazed fan madly in love might snatch up one of those stones to give to a very special someone.


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