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Lena Dunham Gets Married

By Lori Perkins

Image Taken From VanityFair

Quietly. It’s kind of amazing to see Lena Dunham, the woman behind Girls, do anything quietly, but here we are in pandemic fall 2021.

About six months ago Lena Dunham was gushing over her new boyfriend, Luis Felber, an English-Peruvian musician who produces under the name Attawalpa, in The New York Times. We are told they locked-down together and held a small secret wedding ceremony this past weekend in London which included close personal friend Taylor Swift.

On Sunday morning, Felber cryptically posted on Instagram The Zombies’ song “This Will Be Our Year” and when the wedding was revealed followers saw that as a sign of wedding bliss. Denham has referenced that same song in June in an emotional Instagram birthday tribute to Felber, adding, “Everyone who comes into contact with you—creatively, emotionally, accidentally—is lucky.”

Dunham had been in a five-year relationship with songwriter and producer Jack Antonoff, with whom she broke up in 2018.


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