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Five: The Musical, A Parody of Broadway’s Six and Trump’s Women

By Lori Perkins

After guffawing through the 90-minute musical parody Five to a packed Saturday-night crowd, I can tell you that it was no surprise to learn that the off-Broadway show’s run has just been extended through April.

It’s the kind of show that you think you know what you are going to get – an amusing romp poking fun at The Donald’s three wives, his daughter and Stormy Daniels (with a special guest star that actually makes this Six), but it turns out that the fairly simple stage hosts so much talent that it is more than I expected.  The performers are so incredibly talented as singers they will astound you.  And the humor--satirizing set performances from Six and Chicago—is spot on.

Like Six, the cast is diverse, which adds a certain layer of separation between the real Trump gals and their musical parody doppelgangers. And like Six, they tell us they are going to compete in this pageant performance to see who was treated the worst by Donald and then go on to “explain” their lives in relation to his in self-parody.

The special guest star (just take a guess at which woman was even more maligned by Trump than his wives, mistresses and daughter) is just perfect, and again, with a voice that will knock you back a bit. Even something so simple as the costumes, which are not over the top, work perfectly in the show, both echoing the over-the-top bejeweled corsets of Six and the style of the real-life women they represent.

Five is a perfect show for anyone who wants a really fun night of entertainment with just the right amount of irreverence.

My guest liked the show so much she has vowed to put together a girls’ night out with other native New Yorkers who have all put up with Donald Trump’s women for decades.  


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