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Kathy Griffith Marries on New Year’s Eve

If you were watching Anderson Cooper on CNN on New Year’s Eve and remembering how Kathy Griffith and Anderson used to be best buds on their annual New Year’s Eve TV gig until her “joke” about President Trump up-ended her comedic career, there is no need to worry about how she rang in the new year. She got married!

Griffith, 59, married her long-time boyfriend Randy Brick, 41, in a surprise wedding at her Hollywood home on December 31, 2019. T Lily Tomlin, whose partner, Jane Wagner, was also in attendance. Officiated the 14-minute ceremony, which she posted on Instagram.

Griffin said her wedding dress the dress she wore on her first date with Bick whom she met in 2011 at an awards ceremony. “This was our first formal date in September 2011!” she wrote. “We are in the back of a limo provided by the one only @GloriaEstefan because her team arranged for me to surprise her as a back up ‘dancer’ when she performed at the Alma awards!”

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