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Review: Brazen and the Beast by Sarah MacLean



I have been secretly in love with Beast since he appeared in Wicked and the Wallflower. The silent, wounded hero needs someone and MacLean gifts him with a bold and daring woman in a compulsively readable romance. The depth of emotion and heightened passions bring light to the darkness of Covet Gardens and the characters’ childhood traumas. MacLean strives to create feisty, brave, intelligent heroines and “to die for heroes” that resonate with readers. She places them in plotlines that showcase their strengths and make then equal partners in their relationship. In this series she adds revenge, suspense and a heightened sensuality that grips readers and never let’s go. This is a tale to savor.

As she approaches her 29th birthday, Lady Henrietta Sedley proclaims this “the year of Hattie.” This is the year she will finally have body, fortune and future. She needs to convince her father to let her run their shipping business, instead of her brother. She is off to achieve one goal, losing her virginity, when she enters her carriage to find a man trussed up on the floor. Savior Wittington, aka Beast, is a Bare Knuckle Bastards, and one of London’s most feared men. He is a man of few words, but he has a few choice thoughts for the men who caught him off guard and stole a valuable shipment. Witt is intrigued by the woman who tosses him out of her vehicle and follows her, changing places with the man she hired. That meeting sets the stage for their relationship. Witt decides to become Hattie’s protector and she is fascinated by him. Here is a man who is her equal; who understand her desire for independence. Will proves that still waters run deep, while Hattie is equal to anything he puts in her way. They become partners, opponents and lovers. But, when danger from the past threatens their future, Hattie risks everything for the man she loves.

Published by Avon, July 30, 2019

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