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The Rise of Rogues by Sabrina Jeffreys


Jeffries crafts a sweetly passionate “second chance at love” romance that truly satisfies fans of this classic plotline. The lively pace and engaging characters keep readers captivated until the very end. Short, but vintage Jeffries.

Before she was Lady Anne, Anne dreamed of marrying Hartley Corry. But her father forbade her marriage and she watched Hartley leave for India without her. Now, he’s returned and when Captain Lord Hartley sees his former love at his brother’s ball, he’s struck by how much he still desires her. However, winning back the lady’s heart will be no easy task. Anne isn’t sure she can trust anything Hartley says or does after she learns the truth of why he didn’t marry her. Hartley is ready to meet any challenge from Anne and he just might have to be a true rogue to get her back into his arms.


Publisher: Pocket Star E-Book

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