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The Duke Buys a Bride by Sophie Jordan


Marcus, Duke of Autenberry, is running away to his estate in the highlands of Scotland when he comes across a wife auction in a village market square. Alyse Bell has fulfilled the seven-year contract for a 'white wedding' and now is ready to move on, providing her best friend buys her and takes her to London. When he doesn't show up, Alyse is left to the dubious mercy of the crowd—until Marcus buys her out of pity.

Apparently, this was a real thing in the days when divorces and annulments were hard to come by. It makes for an interesting premise that mostly failed to live up to its promise. Alyse and Marcus were too hot and cold for the storyline to make much sense. I did enjoy seeing what happened with Marcus after his appearance in a previous book in the series, but the idea of the haughty Duke with a common farm girl wife didn't work for me, especially after his disdain for the shopgirl in While the Duke was Sleeping.

It was an okay and quick read. The sex scenes were fine though not until late in the book, and there were a few funny moments, especially with the laird who kidnaps Alyse. I'm looking forward to his book.


Publisher: Avon

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