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Born to be Wilde by Eloisa James


Another Wilde meets his match in the third Wilde’s of Ludlow Castle. As always James delights readers with an emotional, witty, sensual love story with an appealing hero and a heroine who comes into her own. With such relatable characters, smart storytelling and verbal sparring; not to mention fabulous descriptions of the era, readers will be enchanted and emotionally invested in the love story. Then there’s the added attraction of James’s exploration of relevant themes of addiction and Anglo-Indian relationships to keep readers thinking. Bravo James!

Parth Sterling may not be a Wilde by birth, but since he was orphaned and raised at Ludlow Castle, he is a Wilde nonetheless and he has that reputation to uphold. He is handsome, wealthy and free. Accepting his childhood nemesis’ sudden marriage proposal is not part of his plan. Lady Lavinia Gray has recently uncovered the horrible truth: her mother’s addiction has left them penniless and she has been stealing to keep them afloat. Mortified, Lavinia resolves to reclaim the stolen items and set things to rights. Beautiful and brilliant, Lavinia should have no trouble finding a husband, but since learning of her mother’s perfidy, she must marry quickly. Parth thinks of Lavina as a frivolous, fashion-obsessed girl and though he turns her down, he vows to help her find a husband. Lavinia thinks she needs Parth’s help, but she comes to realize that her love of fashion maybe her salvation. It isn’t long before Parth finds this determined Lavinia irresistible.


Publisher: Avon

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