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The Solace of Water by Elizabeth Byler Younts


The Solace of Water was an enjoyably complicated romance that centers around two dwindling marriages that need rekindling alongside a young set of flames that cannot be put out despite cultural differences. The book manages to captivate readers by utilizing multiple narrators which allows a diverse worldview as the narrative centers around a black family who moves from the south to the north in the 1950’s and an Amish family who lives as their neighbors. By oscillating between the three leading women in the book, the readers are able to get entangled in family drama while still feeling the pull of the ‘real world’ of 1953 through racism, sexism and abuse.

I enjoyed the tensions of the real world of 1953 as many issues are still present. While it was not a book I was dying to get through, I enjoyed the read due to its interesting Christian perspective on relationships, sacrifice and romance.

Category: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

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