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The Sheikh's Pregnant Wife


This is the third and final book in the Sheikh's Meddling Sisters series, set in the country of Djeva.

Poor Isabella Germain is in a tough spot. She agreed to help her identical twin sister, who is married to Sheikh Feraz, by pretending to be her for the IVF procedure. No one was supposed to know, but her sister dies in an accident....what is Isabella to do?? Then she finds out she is having twins!! Isabella's family is different, but she is a strong woman, who was always a little in love with her sister's husband. Leslie North’s books usually have unique settings, and she often incorporates different cultures into her stories.

In this novel, the characters are strong but not perfect. The plot has twists, deception, and the element of should she tell? When? What about the babies? She cares about the country and Feraz. I found this to be an unusual plot but still interesting. It reads well as a stand alone, so you don't have to have read the others in the series.

Category: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Relay Publishing

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