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13 Going on 20

By Bella Cannizzo

Over the weekend, I rewatched one of my favorite comfort movies, 13 Going on 30. Everytime I watch it, I am blown away by Jennifer Garner’s fashion choice playing the lead character, Jenna Rink. She takes the 2000s fashion to another level. Sparkly. Pink. Mesh. Chunky shoes. Hair clips. Cargo pants. She does it all. I definitely have always tried to dress with that sort of spunk. Especially as a college student in New York City. When it comes to fashion, I am all about adding a little color and creativity.

In the big city, Jenna finds her long-lost childhood best friend, and they ultimately fall in love. Perfect story. Matty, is the sweetest movie character. He never takes her for granted. I love that. A real nice reminder for a lonely 19 year-old like me that you in fact do NOT have a boyfriend. The film adds to the idea of having someone you like treat you how you want them too. This has been crossing my mind more than ever. Maybe it is the colder weather, or holidays. Maybe even the fact that I have never been in love or in a relationship, and I am now a sophomore in college. But, let’s just say the movie added a little more to this feeling of wanting somebody.

I am 19, but I am turning 20 in a week. My birthday is November 23rd, on Thanksgiving this year. How nice and sweet. Except for the fact that I am going to be 20. I AM GOING TO BE 20. I feel like I am watching life fly by. It sucks getting older and being single when you want something more. I know in the grand scheme of things, I am young and really just fine. I just can't seem to shake the feeling. I try to shift gears and embrace the notion that when you are ready for someone special to enter your life, the universe, whoever, or whatever, will make it happen.

The only reason being single sucks is because I pay attention to those around me. I see my friends kiss guys or talk with their boyfriends all the time. I feel like every person that is single in college can relate. People say it is the time to have fun and experience new people. Thus far, the only experience I am getting is how to be alone. I have to stop focusing on what other people are doing, and just focus on myself. This is easier said than done. But, definitely a problem I have struggled with for a while. I tend to get caught up in what other people think about me, or what they are doing.

I have to just be myself. Make the rules as I go. This is such a good time for me to try to embrace being myself. I can figure out what I believe in and who I want to be. I can channel all my energy into becoming the best version of me. I can start dressing and acting more like Jenna Rink. I enjoy that aspect of being a strong, independent woman out in the real world. She does her own thing. She is herself. I can become somebody I want to be in a relationship with. I can be a better friend or student.

I am getting comfortable with the fact everything will happen when it is supposed to happen. Things that are meant to be, will be. I am turning 20 in a week, and making this year of my life, about trusting in timing. Everything that is supposed to happen. I have always believed that.


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