Interview with Jamie K. Schmidt

USA Today bestselling author, Jamie K. Schmidt is known for her erotically charged romances, Jamie’s books have been called, “hot and sexy, with just the right amount of emotional punch,” and “turbo-paced, gritty, highly sexual thrill rides.” As a #1 Amazon best seller and a 2018 Romance Writers of America Rita® finalist in erotica, Jamie writes daily, drinks lots of tea, and sneaks away to play World of Warcraft whenever she makes her deadlines. Along with her husband who lets her stick magnetic signs on his car about her books and her thirteen-year-old son who wants to be her cover model, Jamie lives in Connecticut with her rescue pup Romeo, who is cool with her writing schedule as long as he can be cuddled up in a blanket next to her. You can find Jamie on Twitter at @jamiekswriter and on Facebook at, where she’ll be chatting about her latest book and wishing desperately for a kitten to be her new writing buddy and some carbs—not necessarily in that order. 


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When did you first start writing?  

I finished my first book when I was 16.


If this is part of series, how did you come up with the idea for the series? 

 I was a huge fan of The Love Boat when I was a kid.  I loved the idea of the continuing cast of characters that ran the ship and then the little snippets of life we got from the passengers.  I wanted to recreate that magic – with a lot more sexy times.


What motivated you to become an indie author? 

The freedom and control over marketing, cover art, editing, and content.  Also the ability to market my books myself.


What is the greatest joy of writing for you? 

Finishing the book.


Which other authors have most influenced or inspired your writing? 

Mercedes Lackey, Stephen King, Ilona Andrews, Jude Deveraux, J.D. Robb, and Violet Winspear.

What do you read for pleasure? 

Everything. I’m very picky about historical romances and usually only read my favorite authors.  But I love all the genres. I’m looking forward to Lee Child’s new Jack Reacher book, Ilona Andrews’ Hidden Legacy novella and I’ve got Lora Leigh’s Cross Breed in my TBR pile. Right now I’m reading Sherry Thomas’ A Study in Scarlett.

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Who’s your book boyfriend or secret book crush? 

Karen Marie Moning’s Jericho Barrons.

Describe your desk:  

Standing desk on top of a bigger desk, candles, a phone holder shaped like an elephant, a lotus flower essential oil diffuser, three coffee mugs filled with pens, two laptops, a coloring book, really expensive colored pencils, two pump hand creams, tape, a Nintendo Switch, a watermelon tourmaline paperweight, three planners, a bonsai tree, a small basket of embroidered handkerchiefs that my late grandmother made, a filigreed silver box filled with paperclips and post it notes, two empty bottles of White Walker by Johnnie Walker and Johnnie Walker A Song of Fire and Ice whiskey, two beanie baby kitties, a stuffed monkey named George and a stress squish Adipose from Dr. Who.


Describe your writing process:  

First I plot the book out loosely, just the major plot points.  Then I think about it for a while.  Then I take out a twenty square grid to represent the approximate chapters I think a 50,000-word book should be.  Then I put post-it notes in each square, pink for the heroine’s point of view and blue for the hero’s, yellow for the conflict, and lips for the romance scenes.  Then I mark the scenes based on the three act structure.  Then I spend some time staring at it.  Then I drag myself kicking and screaming in front of the keyboard and start writing.


What is your writing Kryptonite? 

Social media.

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