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Anti-LGBTQ Sentiment on the Rise in Poland Again

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Interview with Riki Wilchins

Riki Wilchins is an author, activist and gender theorist.  The founding E.D. of GenderPAC, she is the author of Queer Theory/Gender Theory: An Instant Primer (Magnus Books) and co-editor of GenderQueer: Voices from Beyond the Sexual Binary (Magnus Books).  Her most recent books are is TRANSgressive: How Transgender Activists Took on Gay Rights, Feminism, the Media & Congress… and Won and Burn the Binary: Selected Writings on Trans, GenderQueer and Nonbinary


Her work has been published in periodicals like the Village Voice and Social Text, as well as Feminist Frontiers, Language Awareness, and The Encyclopedia of Identity.  She has been profiled in the New York Times, and Time Magazine selected her one of "100 Civic Innovators for the 21st Century.”

What's the story behind your latest book?

I wrote TRANS/gressive because I started thinking about someone doing the first “inside story” book about the launch of modern transgender rights. Then I realized it we were all getting older and no one had written it, so it might be the last book about the launch of modern transgender rights. 

What motivated you to become an indie author?

Wonderful publishers like Lori at Riverdale Avenue Books! People who support you in going new or cutting edge things.


Do you have a muse or a “constant reader”?

My friend Clare Howell, who has been such a godsend. She’s has been my own “personal editor” on all my books. She tells me what works and what doesn’t. She’s really been invaluable. 

Describe your writing process

I usually have two or three ideas in the hopper. And one gets my attention and I find myself sitting down in front of it more and more often. 

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What is your writing Kryptonite?

Lack of time! My day job is such a time-suck that I can only get an hour here or there. It’s almost impossible to maintain any kind of writing momentum 40 or 60 minutes at a sitting. So I usually have to just quit work for a few weeks to finally finish a book.  


What drives you to keep on writing?

I wish I knew. It would give me a little more control over the process. I published three books, then nothing for 15 years. Then three more in a little over a year. You just don’t know where the ideas, the drive, or the passion come from. Or why they leave. 


If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

Stop censoring yourself. Stop critiquing as you write. Just write for yourself. And hope that something that’s meaningful to you will find an audience somewhere, even if it’s not Gone with the Wind. Books are found by those who need them. 


August is a great time for you to embrace your inner child. Now this doesn’t mean having a temper tantrum because you don’t want to wear a mask but rather, it means, looking at the world with fresh eyes and wonderment. The past few months have been very stressful with the pandemic, the lockdown, and mixed messages in some countries about how to win the war against the virus. You can only control yourself, your own thoughts and your own actions. It’s time to play, even if this means you still have to stay in your isolation station. 

This is a great month to get involved with the community either in-person or virtually or financially and help those less fortunate than you. 

If your country is having an election, this is the perfect month to get involved with helping out with campaigning by phone, email, or letters to help your favourite candidate win!

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Ghosts of Christmas Passion-large.png

Toni was having the worst Christmas in her life. Her grandfather had just died, and her so-called boyfriend had wiped her out of her savings, not to mention had gotten her evicted. She had had to move out to the wilderness home her grandfather had left her, where not only did she find a new car, but two Christmas ghosts who had promised her grandfather they would look after her…and so much more.

Christmas Magic-large.png

In this novella sequel to the Magic University series, Christmas Magic picks up the tale a few months after the end of The Poet and the Prophecy, at Christmas time. And who better to tell a Christmas tale than Frost? After the cataclysmic events that shook the magical world, it's time for Frost to come to grips with the changes in his magic and his body--with the help of the people who love him most.

Holiday Smut 2014-large.png

Who doesn’t love some holiday smut? It’s one of the greatest pleasures of the season. There’s just something about the season that turns me on, and makes me think wicked good thoughts. I don’t know – maybe it’s the metaphoric possibilities – Santa’s lap, stockings filled with goodies, naughty or nice? Christmas just makes me feel giddy and nasty in a wholesomely bad way.

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