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What to Bring to the Holiday Gathering Table

By Lori Perkins

Many of us are getting ready for the annual Thanksgiving gathering, which often includes a semi-mandatory request to bring “something” for the table, even though we are traveling. I have a friend who is going to a “family” gathering for 80, making vats of potato salad and driving with them for four hours.

Last year I discovered for Christmas, and sent out ready-to bake boxes of bread cranberry and sourdough bread, pasta and amazing croissants as my holiday gifts to my families far away. Everybody loved them.

So this year, I asked if they were doing anything special for the holidays, and was overjoyed to hear that the November and December packages come with a special batch of maple waffles for the morning after.

This year there’s also a Carbsgiving Stock-Up Sale discount code for RDN readers. Go to the wildgrain website and use the code CARBSGIVING for $30 off the first box plus free Croissants for life. It will expire on 11/19/23.


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