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Twitter To Add Pronouns to Bios

By Lori Perkins

After years of requests, Twitter is going to add a place where you can indicate your preferred pronouns in your profile (so you don’t have to eat up descriptive characters with this information). Just in time for Pride Month, and we can only say, it’s about time. This, of course, follows Instagam’s roll out of a pronoun section on people’s bios last week where selected users can add up to four pronouns from a pre-selected list, which includes he, she, they, ze, xe, xem, ve, vir, vis, xyr and more, by hitting the ‘Edit Profile’ button.

The new Twitter information will be a new “about” tab, where you can volunteer to share additional information such as your birthday, job title, location and interests (much like what is available to your followers on Facebook, no?).

The “About” tab will be to the left of the already existing “Tweets,” “Tweets & Replies,” “Media” and “Likes.”

According to a statement put out by Twitter, the profile section of the social media platform “hasn’t been meaningfully updated since 2014, which is a little mind-blowing, considering how much both Twitter and the world have changed since then,” said Andrea Conway, the lead designer on Twitter’s identity and profiles team.

Twitter reports that it has 192 million daily users.


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