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Twilight Musical Parody ‘Dusk: A Bite-size Romance’ Makes its World Premiere at Fringe Festival 2023

By David T. Valentin

Did you know that there was a Twilight musical parody, because I’m not sure how I didn’t given the absolute memery of such a piece of art.

In this year’s Fringe Festival, one of the largest festivals celebrating arts and culture hosted at Edinburgh this year, a Twilight musical parody has become one of the main attractions. Musical Dusk: A Bite-Size Love Story as the parody is called, has completely sold out, a phenome that is basically unheard of from first-time Fringe artists as Playbill writes. The creative minds of the project have opened up more runs of the musical, but even those additional runs are quickly selling out.

“The story of Edwin and Bia's delicate immortal romance unfolds through a series of unforgettable songs, lip bites, and brooding stares, replete with iconic moments from the Twilight series,” writes Broadway World. “From baseball games and bedroom windows to sparkles and supreme awkwardness, "Dusk" brings a fresh perspective to the beloved story, appealing to fans and critics alike. Whether you love, hate, or love to hate Twilight, "Dusk" has something for you!”

The musical parody originally amassed a following on TikTok after clips of its workshop production made the rounds. The page now has over millions of views and upwards of 400,000 followers.

So, can we count on a limited Broadway release coming to a theatre near you?


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